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Preparing Students and Teachers to Navigate the Data Stream

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Our culture and economy float on a sea of data. As we go about our daily lives — paying bills, buying groceries, sending emails, reading tweets, posting to Facebook, (periodically) undergoing medical tests — we generate streams of data. Businesses, health care organizations and governments need people who can make sense of these streams — these torrents — of data. And we, as citizens, need to understand how to benefit from our personal data. Statistics, the science of learning from data and making sense of variability, is well equipped to help us understand the impact of data on our lives and to prepare a future work force that can make meaningful discoveries from this data deluge. But achieving these goals will require enormous efforts in teacher preparation and changes in the statistics curriculum, itself.

Small Data Can Show Big Health Changes

Deborah Estrin, Mobilize Co-Principal Investigator,
at TEDMED 2013

What happens when each patient becomes their own “universe” of unique medical data? We leave a trail of digital data breadcrumbs as we go about our days. With access and good apps, we could make sense of this “small data” to help get a clearer picture of our personal health.